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Sonus In Homine is a Melodic Techno DJ duo with roots in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. Known for their energetic performances and unique sound, the duo has established themselves as a household name in the vibrantly growing Swiss scene.


Both members, Nicolas and Gian-Marco, grew up around the city of Bern and have developed a fast-growing friendship surrounded by their shared love for electronic music. Due to their passion for melodic techno, they formed a DJ duo in 2020 to create what they believe is missing in the current scene.


Shortly after forming Sonus In Homine, the duo quickly grew a cult following. In Switzerland’s emerging electronic music market, Sonus In Homine has become a strong competitive brand. The duo has performed alongside acts like Kevin De Vries, Chris Avantgarde, and VNTM in some of the country’s top venues, including Nordstern Basel and Kopfklang Club in Lucerne. They were able to headline one of the most exclusive events in the country, called Above Bern, a show in one of the country’s most historic cathedrals, centered by the capital.


In addition to their live performances, Sonus In Homine has produced and released multiple tracks. Their music has been praised by fans and professionals, with their track "Crave" gaining support from various successful touring artists like Kevin De Vries and Chris Avantgarde at the famous Afterlife Showcases. They are rapidly rising in the ranks of the Swiss electronic music scene. With their unique blend of Melodic Techno and infectious energy, Sonus In Homine is a rising force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic music.

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