Sonus In Homine - Elevate


With ELEVATE the audience will be part of a journey into new territory. Deep basslines, choirs and mystical elements bring the track to a higher level.
We all expect better things from 2022, let's make the best of it and go step by step. The boys are ready, are you?

Sonus In Homine - Last Youth


Just before the new year starts, Switzerland-based Melodic Techno duo SONUS IN HOMINE is back with their second release on CHARON RECORDS.


During the creation process of LAST YOUTH, they were inspired by the earlier days of life and how fast they’ve flown by. Life passes by, and that’s okay. That’s why we create memories. Those signs of nostalgia can be found in the synth chords and the melodic elements. On the other hand, the hypnotic bass and pace-setting drums bring the listener back into the present. Things that happened in the past will never change, but you can influence the present moment and the future. So why not do it?!

Sonus In Homine - Amor Fati

Sonus In Homine - Amor Fati_COVER (1).jpg

People mostly find themselves with a connection to certain sounds. Rhythms and melodies have always been mankind's means of feeling different forces. Those forces led and nowadays still lead to unbelievable results and many life-changing experiences.

The newly formed Swiss duo SONUS IN HOMINE (translated: human in sound) puts those sounds and rhythms in the right order and mix and creates breathtaking compositions. Their first-ever release called AMOR FATI is an atmospheric Melodic Techno track with a rich bass that sets the tone and vibe for the tune . After some time, a crystal-clear melody gets introduced that simply creates goosebumps. The whole thing is accompanied dynamic drums and an atmospheric pad. AMOR FATI is the first release of the newly founded label CHARON RECORDS. A Switzerland-based music and event label.